TV Series

Adventures of a Hip Hop Alien Chaser

Adventures of an Hip Hop alien chaser” follows the escapades of a 90s Hip Hop artist, Capital LS, who teams up with world-renowned UFO researcher Dr. Greer to investigate evidence of extraterrestrial beings and UFO/UAP activity around the world. Capital LS’s mission is to either debunk information about aliens or prove their existence beyond a shadow of a doubt. Dr Greer deploys LS to different parts of the world, the series is a riveting exploration of the unknown, with conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and shocking discoveries at every turn.

Finding Hip Hop with Capital LS

Join ex-hip hop artist, host Joseph (Capital LS) Clarke as he travels the globe in search of the diverse and vibrant world of hip hop culture, exploring the music, dance, fashion, and art of different cities and countries in this thrilling educational 8-episode streaming series. Anthony Bourdain style production

Life is Raw

Life is Raw is a powerful and emotionally charged story that explores tragedy, anger, and redemption through the life of Mutah “Napoleon” Beale: an unlikely anti-hero and close associate of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur the series delves into the transformation of American society and culture from the early 1980s to the early 2000s capturing the political volatility of the times and the personal struggles of its characters.

Goat of the Game

In this on-going series “Goat of the Game,” HipHopGamer (Gerard Williams) brings his unique brand of energy, passion, and insight to a grand tour of the gaming industry. Each episode, HipHopGamer will visit different gaming studios, from indie developers to major AAA studios, where he’ll delve into the games they’re developing, their inspirations, challenges, and successes.

At each location, HipHopGamer will bring viewers behind the scenes, going beyond just the finished product. He’ll explore the art, story, mechanics, and technology that make up our favorite games, sharing the untold stories of the creative geniuses behind them.