The World Cup of Hip Hop (WCOHH) champions the belief that education is a cornerstone of personal growth, empowerment, and the enduring legacy of hip-hop culture. To cultivate a holistic learning environment, we collaborate with a wide array of organizations that have developed specialized curriculums and programs within the realm of hip hop.

Our expansive education initiative offers workshops, masterclasses, and resources that encompass the vibrant range of hip-hop, from rap skills and hip-hop dance to graffiti art, DJing techniques, music production and technology. Our roster of instructors consists of esteemed industry professionals who impart a wealth of knowledge and experience in every class, teaching about the roots of hip-hop, its global impact, and the requisite skills for navigating this dynamic industry.

Our partnership with various organizations also allows us to establish a robust education network that covers every aspect of hip-hop culture. We equip our learners with knowledge of brand development, marketing, intellectual property rights, and the intricacies of digital media, preparing them for diverse career paths within the hip-hop industry.

Whether you’re a budding artist, an aspiring producer, or a hip-hop enthusiast looking to broaden your understanding, our education program provides a nurturing and enriching platform for all. Here at WCOHH, we invite you to explore the power and potential of hip-hop through education.


Driving new and exciting ways to help support and celebrate hip-hop across the globe.


Micky Factz

CEO & Founder



Education Partner