Governance Structure

The World Cup of Hip Hop (WCOHH) is establishing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will allow active participation of the community in decision-making processes. The DAO will be allocated 5% of the total equity of the organization, which translates into a $5 million stake, based on the current $100 million valuation of WCOHH.

This allocation signifies the organization’s commitment to decentralization, where the power of decision-making is not concentrated but is instead distributed amongst token holders. Token holders will have the ability to vote on crucial matters such as talent scouting, content development, gaming development and event planning, thus making the organization truly community-driven.


5% of the total equity translates to 5 million tokens, assuming 1 token represents a $1 stake in the organization. These tokens will be distributed in the following manner:

1. Initial Coin Offering (ICO): A portion of the tokens will be sold to the public during the ICO to raise funds for the organization’s activities.

2. Community Incentives: A portion will be set aside for community incentives. This could be in the form of rewards for active participation in the DAO, such as voting, staking tokens, referring new members, and other forms of engagement.

3. Reserve: A percentage of tokens will be kept in reserve to fund future initiatives and unforeseen expenses.

The tokens will have utility within the WCOHH ecosystem, which includes but is not limited to voting rights, access to exclusive experiences and events, and special merchandise. Furthermore, as the organization grows in value, the tokens will also appreciate, providing financial benefits to the holders.

This tokenomics structure is designed to create a robust and sustainable economy within the WCOHH DAO, ensuring active participation from the community and steady growth for the organization.

Structure for the World Cup of Hip Hop DAO

Token Distribution and Equity Allocation:

5% of the total DAO tokens allocated for the $5 million fundraising round, representing a 5% equity stake in the organization. The remaining 95% of equity is distributed among the founding team, early contributors, future funding rounds, and community incentives, as per the organization’s strategy and goals.

Fundraising Structure:

  • $5 million raised through the DAO (5% equity)
  • Remaining $25 million raised through other means, such as:

a. Strategic partnerships with corporations, brands, and investors
b. Sponsorships and advertising
c. Grants and public funding
d. Crowdfunding and fan engagement initiatives
e. Merchandising, licensing, and other revenue stream

DAO Governance

Board of Directors

Responsible for overseeing the organization’s strategic direction and approving major decisions. The board will include a consensus vote from DAO token holders, the founding team, and other key stakeholders.

Executive Committee

Responsible for managing day-to-day operations and implementing the board’s directives. This committee will be composed of the organization’s top management.

Various Sub-Committees

Focused on specific aspects of the organization, such as marketing, event organization, content production, and community engagement. These sub-committees will include representatives from different countries and backgrounds.

Voting and Decision-Making

  • Token holders will have voting rights proportional to their token holdings.
  • Major decisions, such as changes to the organization’s structure, equity distribution, or strategic direction, will require approval by a majority (e.g., 51%) of token holders.
  • Sub-committees will have autonomy in their respective areas, with their decisions subject to review and approval by the Executive Committee or Board of Directors as needed.

Financial Transparency and Reporting

  • Regular financial reporting and updates provided to token holders and other stakeholders.
  • An independent audit of the organization’s finances conducted by a credible auditor annually to ensure compliance and transparency

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • WCOHH consults with legal experts to ensure the DAO structure complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • WCOHH has established clear guidelines for the conduct of board members, committee members, and other participants in the organization to prevent conflicts of interest and maintain a high standard of ethics.

Token and NFT Utilities for the World Cup of Hip Hop DAO

Token Utilities

1. Voting Rights: Token holders will have voting rights proportional to the number of tokens they hold. They can participate in decision-making processes related to the organization’s strategy, funding allocation, and other operational decisions.
2. Governance Proposals: Token holders can submit governance proposals for the DAO, suggesting changes to the organization’s strategy, funding allocation, or other operational decisions.
3. Treasury Management: The DAO will have a treasury to manage the funds raised, and token holders will have influence over the allocation of funds according to the approved proposals.
4. Rewards for Active Participation: Token holders who actively participate in the governance process by voting on proposals may receive rewards in the form of additional tokens or other incentives.
5. Equity Ownership: Token holders will own a collective 5 percent stake in World Cup of Hip Hop Organization, LLC. World Cup of Hip Hop DAO LLC will occupy 1 seat on the Board of Directors.
6. Staking: DAO tokens could be staked to earn additional rewards. This could incentivize token holders to keep their tokens and participate in the network for longer periods.
7. Governance Committees: Token holders could be eligible to be part of various committees within the DAO based on their token holdings. These committees could focus on specific areas such as event planning, artist collaborations, or marketing and promotions.
8. Early Access: Token holders could get early access or priority booking for the World Cup of Hip Hop events and experiences.

NFT Utilities

1. Unique Collectibles: NFTs can represent limited-edition digital art, music, or memorabilia from artists and athletes within the hip hop community.
2. Access to VIP Experiences: NFT holders may gain access to exclusive experiences, such as backstage passes, meet-and-greets, or VIP tickets to World Cup of Hip Hop events.
3. Proof of Attendance: NFTs can serve as verifiable proof of attendance for workshops, masterclasses, or other educational initiatives organized by the World Cup of Hip Hop.
4. Community Voting Rights: NFT holders may have the opportunity to participate in community-driven decisions, such as selecting featured artists, speakers, or event themes.
5. Artist Royalty Sharing: NFTs representing digital art, music, or other creative works may entitle the holder to a share of royalties generated by the work.
6. Exclusive Cast Dinners: NFT holders could be invited to join cast dinners, providing an opportunity to interact with artists, athletes, and other influential individuals in the hip hop community.
7. Studio or Production Set Visits: NFT holders may have the chance to visit recording studios or film production sets, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.
8. Collaboration Opportunities: NFT holders could be given the opportunity to collaborate with artists or producers on music, film, or other creative projects.
9. Becoming an Extra in Film Projects: NFT holders may have the chance to appear as extras in film projects produced by the World Cup of Hip Hop organization or its affiliates.
10.Limited Edition Content: NFTs could also represent access to limited edition content like exclusive tracks, remixes, or behind-the-scenes footage from artists.
11. Artist Interaction: Certain NFTs could provide opportunities for direct interaction with artists, such as online Q&A sessions, personalized messages, or even one-on-one video calls.
12. Discounted Merchandise: NFT holders could be eligible for discounts on merchandise or event tickets.
13. Tiered Access: Different levels of NFTs could provide different levels of access and perks. Higher-tier NFTs could include more exclusive experiences and higher levels of access.
14. Legacy Ownership: NFTs can be used to denote legacy ownership or fandom. Holding an NFT from the inaugural year of the World Cup of Hip Hop, for instance, could have prestige and provide additional benefits in the future.