Executive Committee

Executive Oversight Committee

Salary $35k - $45k Annual

The Executive Oversight Committee is responsible for overseeing the overall functioning and progress of the World Cup of Hip Hop organization and its various committees. This committee should be composed of experienced professionals from different countries who have expertise in various aspects of hip hop culture, business, event management, media, and Education.

Each committee in the World Cup of Hip Hop Organization Chart is led by a Committee Chair representing a specific country. Each member is appointed by a vote. The committee members also come from different countries, ensuring diverse perspectives and cultural backgrounds are represented. The committees work together under the guidance of the Executive Committee to provide a comprehensive and inclusive representation of hip hop in all World Cup of Hip Hop events and initiatives.


The Executive Committee

Driving new and exciting ways to help support and celebrate hip-hop across the globe.

Krysanne Katsoolis

Senior Executive

Nathaniel Clark

Senior Executive

James Elam

Senior Executive

Vimal (Dj ARTiFX) Keval

Senior Executive (INDIA)

Martin Askem

Senior Executive

Leia Sands

Senior Executive


Senior Executive